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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Vantage point plays an important part in firing up our muse. The view from the ground varies greatly from the treetops. We see things slightly different. Today we are exercising our imaginations and playing with our perspective. So let’s blast off!

Your tether has broken away from the command module, and you are adrift in deep space. You are Major Tom floating by your “tin can”. But, you are not in danger. Until they can reel you back in, you have nothing but time to poem; equipped with your message board and an extraordinary view of the universe.

Write your poem, remembering your vantage point and your over-active imagination. “Can you hear me, Major Tom?”

Marie Elena’s blast:

Peering down on earth
From my perch upon the moon
I see no borders.

Walt’s attempt:

The poem I had written as this prompt’s example came extremely close to what Marie Elena had submitted.

From up in deep space

It is very clear,

I can see my house from here.

I am keeping my eyes peeled for a special phrase in the poems. The first to mention it will get a copy of my chapbook, WOOD. If it shows up as the title of the poem, I will include the CD featuring the reading of the book. Good Luck.


  1. A special phrase...I guess that makes this a triple challenge then. Hmmmm...what to write, what to write. ?

    Marie Elena, I like your poem. It says much with the perfection of simplicity.

  2. dangling here in space
    I have no fear of falling--
    God is watching me

  3. Thank you, Linda!

    Amen, Sal. And for the record, your poem for Week 8 is the one I had originally chosen for Beautiful Blooms pick. Absolutely love it.

    All: GO FOR THE TITLE! GO FOR THE TITLE! I've got Walt's Wood CD, and to actually hear his work in his own voice adds a whole new level of admiration for his talent. Wow.

  4. I posted late last night and left out one caveat. The FIRST poet to post work with the phrase will win the prize.

  5. Rocketed to the Fourth Dimension

    Floating in the sea of space
    my worries drift through time.
    Medusa lost in orbit,
    I prey on heaven’s climb.

    Dare I trust this leap of faith,
    release all inhibitions?
    Pride comes before the fall
    and then euphoric conditions.

  6. Space Oddity

    I float with my head full of stars
    Nursing relational scars
    My love for astronomy
    Meant my friends all gave up on me
    All I’ve got left now is some spiders from Mars.

  7. Lift, Off.

    She tries to catch her footing,
    breathless countdown falling
    on deaf ears.
    Aims to jump
    shoots for the moon
    and suddenly it’s clear:
    There’s no gravity up here.

    She looks down at the tiny place
    she’s for-now calling home, with all
    its fails and fears.
    Brilliant blues
    and greens and browns, all
    awfully hard to steer, when
    there’s no gravity up here.

    She sends lost wishes back to
    ground, control long lost, loose
    Holds stone breath
    close to waiting heart, and
    finds that hope floats near, for
    there’s no gravity up here.

  8. Everyone is off to a good start this morning. Great prompt, guys. Love it. Hope my effort will please.

    Up in Wood Smoke

    Somewhere down there was a boy
    Seated beside his campfire.
    Eyes fixed on the Universe above
    He saw himself where i am now.
    He questioned whether those flying here
    Could see the signal fire he built
    Or smell the sweetness of applewood
    Smoke that drifted up to meet the stars.
    He dreamed big, that boy I was
    And followed that vision to stand on air.

  9. Celestial Notes to My Sometimes Self

    It’s all clear
    from up here.

    So much doesn’t matter.
    Feelings aren’t fact.
    Spill your life out in ink, sweat, tears.
    Just love. Especially yourself.

    I’m writing it all in the stars.

    Do you read me?

  10. A quickie.
    More later, Captain&Captain

    Drifting, lost in space
    Until next week's episode
    Who the hell buys cable from Ferengi?
    Ship's going in the wrong direction. Hey, y'all.
    Where'd I put the tricorder?
    I'm changing my will.

  11. Borrowed a line from "Space Oddity"

    From "My Tin Can Far Above the Moon"

    From "my tin can far above the moon"
    I have room to roam and bloom.
    Not boxed in by the gravity and haste
    that fills up all the space in planet Earth.
    Up here I can spread my wings and search.
    I turn and shift and sommersault.
    Weightless grace at every turn.

  12. Without Borders

    From space
    there are no borders
    to trace
    with my finger.
    No color-coded
    My map skills
    are obsolete.
    Below me all
    I see
    are blurs of
    blue and green.
    A harmonious

  13. Hal, Please …

    This need to
    fly, free-fall, diving,
    submerged in
    ink soaked stars.
    Eternal blackness kissing
    this star filled lake. Touch

    nothing; there's
    nothing to touch. I'm
    swimming with
    stars at my
    back and home in my sights. Hal,
    open the pods doors.

  14. A great start all. Keep plugging away. No one has hit on the "phrase that pays". Continue the fabulous work!


  15. Claudsy, I have to say, you touched a chord with your poem, "Up in Wood Smoke". There was a creek that ran across Wood Street where I grew up. Smokes Creek. We hung out on the "Wood Smoke" bridge. Thanks for that memory.

  16. Final Frontier

    Spun, floating sun dial
    Reflecting light into black
    Temporary star

  17. Glad to oblige with memory lane jump start. So many good poems, as there are each week here. Here's my second on this prompt. We'll see later if I can come up with more.


    To float unencumbered by daily woes,
    To study my origins with eyes wide open,
    Fully engages my spirit, allowing it a
    Never-ending panarama of possibilities.

    Around yon nebula I will find new stars,
    Lounging within star dust and gas clouds,
    Laughing at those who don't stand in wonder.

  18. The final frontier
    Vacuum that could suck me dry
    Or blow me to bits

  19. More excellence from Jane Shlensky. Thanks, Jane!


    I don’t remember my first birth,
    launched from my mother’s womb,
    a temporary tether binding us, pushed
    from a liquid life onto solitary land,
    but I’m dazzled by this birthing
    into deep space, into dry darkness, drifting
    toward the beauty of a blue bauble,
    shining there in the sky before me,
    haloed with horizons.
    Tethered to a cylinder, I am tugged
    by an invisible link to this watery orb
    dusted and spun with clouds,
    this free breath,
    these water beings,
    this liquid life, longing for
    this home...

  20. Looks like De and Claudsy are in a race! Maybe trying to hit on that secret phrase, eh? ;)

  21. The Stars Look Very Different Today

    Did you forget to
    check ignition,
    take your protein pills,
    put your helmet on?

    Planet Earth is blue
    and I am, too
    floating in a most peculiar way.
    I’m feeling very still
    and there’s nothing I can do.

    Far above the moon
    is farther than I meant to fly.
    I’m past one hundred miles,
    I’m stepping through the door,
    but I’m still not at all sure why.

    I suppose it’s time to leave the capsule.
    I think my spaceship knows which way to go.

    Commencing countdown…
    May God’s love be with you…
    Look out below.

  22. Now I KNOW who is going after the phrase! =)

  23. Okay. Yep. Now I'm just fishin'. ; )

  24. ...with sheepish rights-usage (and no monetary compensation whatsoever) apologies to Bowie.

  25. I Concur

    I gaze upon the universe
    so overcome with awe.
    I’m feeling rather miniscule
    before the work of God.

    On that blue marble hung in space
    in deserts, mountains, bays,
    woods, oceans, rivers, canyons,
    I explored in many ways.

    But of all the things I have done,
    no matter where I roam,
    I must agree with Dorothy—
    There is no place like home!

  26. Keep Up with the Cardassians

    You wormhole.
    Yes, I can hear you,
    but you’re no god of mine.

    Kim Kardashian,
    on the other hand,
    got her butt X-rayed.

    That might be worth traveling
    the universe to see.

  27. Thankful I didn't just take a sip of coffee, Patricia!

    De, I find it almost as funny that you felt the need to spell it out, after our other conversation. EL OH EL!

  28. Marie, I usually do spell it out, for the same reason you originally posted. ; ) I am also NEVER overheard using the word "chillaxin'"...there's colloquial, and then there's just plain silly. ; )

  29. Mushrooms and Clouds of Probability

    "I'm stepping throught the door
    And I'm floating in a most peculiar way"
    in a tin can out in space

    I don't care to be far above the moon
    gazing down on blue anymore
    "I'm feeling very still
    And I think my spaceship knows which way to go
    Tell my wife I love her very much ( she knows)"

    I'm heading home for an ocean crash landing
    Odds /Oddities are good cos I can swim like a

    Quotes from Bowie.

    Frank Scarlatti

  30. Google Earth

    Never mind the Universe
    I can see every house – all twenty-plus
    that I have ever lived in.

  31. Outside the world of dust
    there are no sunbeams
    to catch and hold and turn the light.

  32. “On Being Tethered in Space”

    The beauty of creation staggers me.

    Unable to take in the enormity of space,
    unable to touch down,
    even on Mars (close enough to touch)
    and taste Martian soil.

    Or dance
    with the Jovian moons.

    This narrow focus
    on human foibles
    on one spec of cosmic dust.
    There is no rising above.

    So I close my eyes
    and cut my tether.
    Another piece
    of human space junk.

  33. BEAM ME UP!

    not all that great

    life down here
    be quite a drag

    let me see
    from your view point

    beam me up
    your tin can please

    P. Wanken

    Here's my first go at it...I might be back for more fun! :)

  34. God's Windlass

    Somewhere between puberty
    and the Red Robin Tavern
    on Lake Union, I lost Jesus.
    I didn't lose God;
    just his son.
    I woke up one morning
    and we were strangers.

    And so I just talked to God.

    I searched, I tried,
    I read, I cried.
    I couldn't fill the hole that
    Jesus'd left; I couldn't find him.
    Logic applied illogically.
    Logic removed emotionally.
    Bible enervation.

    And so I just talked to God.

    One-way conversations
    like leaving messages
    on a friend's voicemail.
    "Ring me back when you
    have time so we can chat.
    Kiss-kiss. Love you."
    I never felt alone.

    And so I just talked to God.

    Like I'm doing now; this space walk
    gone wrong. A slip, I spiral away
    like a leaf on rushing water.
    I should be scared; I'm not.
    I've never felt alone. I'm talking
    to God in the shadow of purgatory.
    I sure could do with a pee though.

    And so I just talked to God.

    So imagine my surprise,
    my life tethered in coils
    to God's windlass, he and I
    bungie jumping, free-falling
    through milky streaks of stars.
    I'm not alone. God and Jesus
    have been here all along.

    Jesus still listening-in
    when I just talked to God.

  35. Space Poet

    A weightless poet sprawls across the galley,
    floating, legs crossed, pen poised, like at home,

    except his electronic notepad is millions of miles
    in space and he is waiting for his cosmic muse.

    His words have no gravity. They quiver and hover
    inside his rambling thoughts until he pulls one down,

    turning it, fitting it into the poetic puzzle. Wrong
    metaphor, change course. He tries another. Failure.

    The endless choosing and deleting wracks
    his patience. He moves to the ship’s window

    and sighs. The heavens surround him. Earth
    waits below and the poem still eludes him. Infinite

    galaxies, black holes and supernovas offer nothing.
    He returns to the blank page and begins to write

    of verdant forests, cool lakes, lightening bugs and rain.

    Kim King

  36. I've shot my share holes into the final frontier
    But I'm a spacer, and a little bit insane.
    I bent light through a can of worms
    to get from somewhere else to here,
    hanging like horse thief above the astral plane
    watching some blue planet rise above its moon.

  37. Alternatively:
    (and my last stab at it)

    I've shot my share holes into the final frontier
    But I'm a spacer, and a little bit insane.
    I bent light through a can of worms
    to get from somewhere else to here,
    watching some blue planet rise above its moon,
    hanging where no kind of man has hung before.

  38. Michael Grove said:

    Space Cadet

    A drift
    B ecause
    C ircumstance
    D oes
    E ngulf
    F ortitude
    G aining
    H old
    I ntrinsically
    J ustifying
    K aleidoscopic
    L ight
    M agnified
    N ot
    O f
    P erception
    Q uite
    R easonably
    S ustained
    T hrough
    U niversal
    V isions
    W ithin
    X treme
    Y earning
    Z ealots.

    By Michael Grove

  39. Short and sweet...not much of a "space odyssey" gal

    Space to Reflect

    Floating up here with the stars
    a new perspective of the planet Mars.
    Drifting, dreaming in a cosmic land
    amazed yet again at the Creator’s hand.


  40. The lengths we'll go to to put together such marvelous offerings! Isn't it great that so many can project into this foreign environment and find soething different with each swim in the dipper?

    I've enjoyed all of the entries, so different, yet similar, and all with a unique voice.

    Fantastic job, everyone.

  41. Today I swooped and soared,
    A condor's canyon view each way
    I craned my neck, and deep below,
    mountains inside out,
    their stippled chins,
    each point a Ponderosa pine,
    a muted palette devoid of blue,
    but for the cloudless sky.

    Up so high, I feel no bigger
    than a grain of desert sand 
    or single bloom of canyon rose.

    Tomorrow, both feet planted
    on the ground, I'll walk down.

  42. For the curious at heart, there will be a winner named for the copy of my chapbook, WOOD. It will be announced along with Saturday's "Beautiful Blooms". It did not make the title, but was mentioned in the body of one of the poems. Great work all.

  43. What a perfect prompt this was. On Sunday, we arrived at the Grand Canyon and took a helicopter ride above it. Talk about feeling small!

  44. Great description, Nancy. But tell them about the WIND! (Yikes!)

  45. Moonwalk

    As if in water
    My newborn foal legs
    Kick and
    Push my torso toward
    Endless light, liquid dark

    Feet cop a feel of surface
    Snails in mismatched
    March across a
    Powder moon

    My gloved, calloused
    Hands numbly grasp
    A dimpled sphere
    Unused to motion not propelled
    By walker or

    When one must reach
    Stars to stand
    There are no small steps
    For man

    **It kind of moves from the prompt a bit. I debated posting this...**

  46. The Buzz About Neil:  
    One Small Step For Man...

    A flubbed line.
    The lack of an 'a'
    makes all the difference
    to the meaning of the quote.

    AC Leming

    Lack of sleep
    added to anxiety
    about a small equipment 
    failure -- would that giant leap
    strand them on the moon, forever
    looking down at Mother Earth, while
    oxygen and water grow scarce?

    So one small step put Armstrong's
    footprints on the moon, 
    one giant debate has raged everThe Buzz About Neil:  
    One Small Step For Man...

    A flubbed line.
    The lack of an 'a'
    makes all the difference
    to the meaning of the quote.

    Lack of sleep
    added to anxiety
    about a small equipment 
    failure -- would that giant leap
    strand them on the moon, forever
    looking down at Mother Earth, while
    oxygen and water grow scarce?

    So one small step put Armstrong's
    footprints on the moon, 
    one giant debate has raged
    ever since:  Did static wipe out an 'a'?

  47. Obviously I had problems posting, will try this again...

    The Buzz About Neil:  
    One Small Step For Man...

    A flubbed line.
    The lack of an 'a'
    makes all the difference
    to the meaning of the quote.

    Lack of sleep
    added to anxiety
    about a small equipment 
    failure -- would that giant leap
    strand them on the moon, forever
    looking down at Mother Earth, while
    oxygen and water grow scarce?

    So one small step put Armstrong's
    footprints on the moon, 
    one giant debate has raged
    ever since:  Did static wipe out an 'a'?

    Frelling iPhone...

  48. Frack! It's AC Leming...sigh.

  49. AC Leming again....

    red shirts die
    defending Captain Kirk's libido
    Spock, please, intervene!

  50. Kim King, your poem is EXCELLENT and grows more on me with each reading.

    I'm lovin' this bloomin' place!!