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Saturday, June 11, 2011


I am working on this problem we've been experiencing here at POETIC BLOOMINGS. So far, a solution is elusive. Rest assured I will continue to find an answer. I have three other blogs hosted on blogger and none are experiencing these faults with comments. I am comparing all the settings and looking for a variance that may be causing this. Thank you for your patience. Anyone experiencing these difficulties can send their poem in the body of an e-mail to: poeticbloomings@yahoo.com and Marie and I would gladly transfer it over to the blog in your name until this is solved. The fact that most are able to post leads me to think that it may be individual accounts that are blocking such comments. I'll keep you posted.

Keep watching for updates. We'll see you later with our "Blooms" for week # 6 (Refracted Hues)

Thanks again. Walt.


  1. Thanks for this update, Walt. Unfortunately, I'm one of the ones experiencing difficulty. I can always post by choosing the Name/URL option, but I can't get it to accept me via a proper sign-on. This is both as my personal google account, and my administrative PB account. Internet chatter indicates a Blogger problem, but I'm not sold on that. Yet.

  2. P.S. Even commenting via Name/URL option takes a level of patience, and more than one try.

  3. This has happened to me on other blogger sites as well. I have found two remedies thus far:

    1. *Set comments to open "pop-up window."*

    2. When a commenter is directed to sign-in page, if they make sure 'stay logged in' is NOT checked, then they won't show up as anonymous. Hope this helps!


  4. I almost always go with the name/URL option, and haven't had any problems. I imagine y'all have gone through the possibilities already, but is there a chance the people with trouble are having browser issues? In the past my pop-up blocker has kept me from seeing things you need for comments.

    (Of course, if the blog were on Wordpress, nudge, nudge it would be simpler. AND we could have nested comments.)

  5. It isn't just your site that has commenting problems, it's every blogspot and some blogger sites. I have to be really determined to comment to spend the time and energy. (see my ranting blog: http://vivnada.wordpress.com/2011/05/30/what-is-it-with-blogspot/ and the comments it ptovoked.