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Saturday, July 9, 2011


“A friend in need, is a friend indeed!”

Such was the premise of out last prompt. What value do friends hold for you? How are you touched by a friends companionship? How are YOU a friend? The depictions vary greatly, but all are great poems. Here then, are our “Beautiful Blooms:

Marie’s selection:

My choice for this week is Salvatore Buttaci’s “My Dearest Friend.” This extraordinarily tender piece opens with two lines that beg burning reflection: “How dark a time, you ask? The weight that crushed my heart, how heavy?” Then this: “What slush of wordy drivel dares to speak of woes this son laments!”

Salvatore’s words seized my heart, and brought tears to my eyes. My profound love for my own father connects deeply with Sal’s longing heart. Even now, my eyes continue to well.

Outstanding work, Sal. Thank you for this.

Salvatore Buttaci

How dark a time, you ask? The weight that crushed
My heart, how heavy? None can say in prose
What words describe the void he left. What slush
Of wordy drivel dares to speak of woes
This son laments! Verses hardly come near
The telling. My papa, hero of my youth,
Has died. The door was shut. He disappeared
When cancer’s pain became the stronger truth.
Explain a life in words just leaves me cold.
I cannot speak the language of my heart
Where sorrow deeply stirs, and words untold
Remain unspoken. Silence plays the part
Of mourner. What can be clearly said now
About a father and son, both good friends
Who shared some happy years that fate allowed?
Why waste the ink in all that I could pen
To stay the dark hand of grief. Why bother.
Enough to say, I miss him…my father.

Walt’s choice:

In most cases, I go toward the simplicity of a poem. The message is clear and I can relate to how this friendship develops. Striving for a good friend is enough. Within this prize package, we find a truth of conviction. We see our genuine personality rise to the occasion. As friends the joy of laughter is a shared offering. Kelly has depicted that quite well, and garners my vote as a Beautiful Bloom this week.

BFF by Kelly

I don't need a BFF
just a good friend will do.
We may have known each other for years
or our connection may be rather new.

I don't need a BFF
just a good friend will do.
Where platitudes are not accepted
and only the truth will come through.

I don't need a BFF
just a good friend will do.
Pretense and pride are dismissed
we are here for each other, it's true.

I don't need a BFF
just a good friend will do.
One who laughs with me and at me
as long as we can laugh at you too.

I don't need a BFF
just a good friend will do.
I'm careful when choosing good friends
could my non-BFF be you?

Congratulations Sal and Kelly! Great work to every one of my poetic friends.


  1. Two contrasting poems, each in their way superb, unmatchable. I've just seen the prompt, and will hasten to add my two penn'orth.

  2. Thanks for selecting my sonnet about my father as a prompt winner. Your Poetic Bloomings is a great site to have one's poems posted. Both you and Walt are doing a wonderful job!

    Salvatore Buttaci

  3. What wonderful poem's both of you. Salvatore, I think yours is a classic.

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  5. Salvatore, my father passed away a little over a year ago. I have tried many times to express how dear he was to me in words, but no words could express the depth of the man I lost. Your poem conveyed everything I feel in a way I never could. Thank you.

    Walt and Marie Elena, fabulous picks as always. I look forward to tomorrow's prompt.

  6. Kelly, I love that last line.

    Sheryl Oder