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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I have compiled a file with approximately 300 poetic forms. I am willing to share this file with anyone who requests it though our e-mail poeticbloomings@yahoo.com. Walt.


  1. Ooh! Yes please. There are many sites on poetic forms, but I have not yet found one that is comprehensive. This is the best one I know of: http://www.volecentral.co.uk/vf/index.htm I will email you.

  2. I tried to email you at that address, but it didn 't work. You should be able to find my email on posts (? as administrator ?)

    I said: Walt that is a most generous offer. I should be delighted to receive your file. I greatly appreciate the work that you do for Poetic Bloomings, and the sharing aspect of the poetry community.

  3. Viv, The e-mail did post. if I have any problem with it, you'll know. I'll get that out later today. Thank you for your kind comments. Walt(Her Pard!)

  4. Since we're opening the door to forms I have a question:

    What is the most difficult form everyone has come across? What parts in a form give you the most trouble?

  5. You hear a groan and a roll of the eyes when one mentions a sestina. So my guess would be a double sestina. For me syllable count is a pain.

  6. My horror form is the ghazal, as seen on Margo Roby's Tuesday Tryout site recently. Complicated rhyme scheme, and meaning restrictions. I managed one stanza only.

    A sestina isn't about syllable counting! It's about juggling words into the right order, but is enormous fun to do! I wrote a rude one in which all of the end words were anagrams of each other. I won't inflict that one on you. But here's my sestina called "Love Story", loosely written in iambic pentameter, but there's no restruction to that metre.

    I started reading poetry to learn,
    re-awaken my old interest in words,
    and found a subject I have grown to love.
    The distillation of mere words into a poem
    has aroused in me a passion which will shine
    for ever in my life: a treasured gift.

    This unexpected blessing, this small gift
    is something that in future I will learn
    to handle like a lamp, somehow to shine
    its brightness on my wilful way with words,
    illuminate them to create a poem
    that by chance someone will come to love.

    Greeting each new verse like a lover,
    playing with it. Thank God for this gift,
    this unrhymed effusion of a poem
    far from perfect yet. But I am learning
    to choose, to blend, to manage all the words
    until the form that suits them starts to shine

    through the dross. The meaning has to shine,
    brought to life with skill and care and love.
    Meaning is a tool that hones the words,
    a talented, sharpened chisel; it is a gift -
    essential as a means of shaping. Learn
    to use it prudently to make a poem.

    My ambition is to write a poem,
    shrewdly polish words to make them shine.
    Metaphor, form and rhythm must be learned;
    strict rules used with skill and love
    until the infant poem is a gift
    to move you, calm your fears with words.

    Gratefully offered, sublime recompense, words
    must be melded, moulded and teased for a poem
    to emerge. Poems call for many kinds of gifts -
    assonance, metaphor, images, synonyms - shining
    brightly, all to be mixed in the cauldron of love.
    To emulate this pleasure: I will learn.

    With these words I pray that light will shine
    on poems shaped for you with love -
    my gift to you is all that I have learned.

  7. What form: Sestina.

    What PART of A form: syllables.

    I always speed past the specifics.

  8. Viv, that is FABULOUS!

    I love to read a well-written sestina. As for WRITING in sestina? My mind doesn't work easily in that direction. I can't plan it in my head, and I have to keep looking back and forth between my writing and the form, to make sure I'm doing it correctly. I'm way too lazy for that.

    I wrote the following sonnet-praising, anti-sestina haiku for the April PAD Day 12 prompt: write a write a form poem, or an anti-form poem. ;)

    In view of her form,
    Sestina would look lovely
    Dressed in a sonnet

  9. P.S. There is an easy way to write a sestina. I've never tried it before, but I'm certain it would work beautifully: ask Walt to do it for me. ;)

  10. Mr. Barnum said there was one born every minute!

  11. and even lovelier
    expressed in seventeen syllables
    of shining haiku

    (OK, 18 if you're nitpicking!)

    It's not easy but I had to write sestina, villanelle, sonnet and pantoum for one of my degree courses.

    My method with the sestina is to think of six likely words and write a first stanza, then to make a template in which I put the end words in place in each stanza and then just write the poem in the spaces. This one just flowed in my passion as a debutants poet, but sometimes the key words undergo a sea change before finally settling down.

  12. Thanks everyone for your answers! I am not great with syllable count, either. I always think something has more or less than it does.

  13. Viv, I like your idea of a template. Thanks for sharing!

    Walt: Are you calling me what I think you're calling me? ;)

  14. No, I'm calling me what you think I'm calling me...you.

  15. You can send ne your listing anytime, Walt. I don't take the time to go out hunting down forms to try. I'll drop an email your way so you'll have my addy.

    Sestinas aren't so bad, just finicky. Doing one like the ones I did and for the same type of purpose as "The Moon Sees All" makes for a bear of a challenge though. I know Marie will agree with that assessment. I certainly haven't mastered it. And Viv, this example of yours is a winner. I loved it.

    I think it was Mike Grove who created a new form in the last couple of weeks. That one is a killer for me. Sooner or later I'll get it, but for now it stands as one giant hurdle for me.

    Great offer here, Walt. Thank you so much for your generosity.

  16. Yes, yes, yesss! I have always wanted a comprehensive listing like this but was unable to find one. I'll be sending you an e-mail request. Thank you!