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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Every ending is a new beginning. This week exemplifies that clearer than most. As summer starts its slow fade to fall we are reminded to recharge and in some instances start fresh.

This week's prompt concerns a new beginning in a way. For the Sunday Seed this week, we are going off page for your instructions.

Your poem however has nothing to do with beginnings, restarts, recharges or such.

The link to your new prompt is below. It will take you to our new Poetic Bloomings home at Wordpress! Click on it when you're ready! Good Luck!


  1. Hey guys! The prompt link took me to a page that said, "Not found."

    So...ermmmm...was THAT the prompt! (hehe)

  2. Okay ... I think we're good now. Try the link again, RJ! ;)