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Saturday, July 30, 2011


The choices for the Beautiful Blooms are in, so without further ado, here are the selections:

Marie Elena’s choice:

My choice for this week is Plays (Well) with Others, by Nancy Posey. This poem is trademark Nancy, penned with her usual class and grace. The goal speaks to my own heart, and may be taken literally and/or figuratively, I believe. The use of music to convey community is insightful, pleasing, and effective. Delightful!

Plays (Well) with Others
By Nancy Posey

No more playing alone for me.
Certainly I’ll still practice,
chasing up and down the scales,
arpeggios, finding chords all up
and down the neck of my mandolin,
but from now on, I’m with the band.
I’d rather play rhythm, chopping
in the back, than play a solo,
finding the melody alone in my room.

A social creature, I long to meld
into the music, that perfect blend
of harmony, tuning my ear to find
the notes, to play along, perhaps
a little improvisation along the way,
picking up the melody now and then.
Listening is no longer enough for me.
I long to return to the time when all
were expected to sing or play
or dance along, one body, many parts.

Walt’s favorite bloom:

In keeping with the theme of “Go For The Gold”, this piece reminds me of life as a marathon race, run over the course of 15 years. Perseverance and determination read through rather clearly with the goal being able to do enough good things to ingrain oneself into the memories of those left behind when our race is run. Well written and expressed takes my honor.

By VivInFrance

Fifteen years ago
my only goal was to survive
first heart attack,
and then survive again.
Smaller goals
first time outside
but just for the ride home
then walking, fifty yards,
a hundred, a kilometre -
it was extremely hard, but I won.

Little by little,
my strength regained,
other goals intervened
and were achieved.
Quilts were planned
cut and stitched, quilted and bound
Each stage a tiny target -
hung on the wall, exhibited,
laid on a bed, or sent to friends.

Eight years ago
my hardest goal -
adventure into academe
on-line study, degree my aim.
The friends I made,
virtual and in the flesh,
new habits formed -
research, draft, edit, refresh -
all were part of my achievement

One year ago
at seventy-two,
my goal was reached -
what now should I do,
what new goalposts put in place?
To stay as fit as possible,
to struggle up the hill.
To write at least one poem every day,
to publish, to be read,
so that when I’m gone,
there will be something left
to show that I was here.

Congratulations to Nancy Coats Posey and VivInFrance, our Beautiful blooms for Week #13.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

IN-FORM POET - Etheree

Today, we delve into a little more familiar form, the Etheree. Created about twenty years ago by an Arkansas poet named Etheree Taylor Armstrong, this titled form, consists of ten lines of unmetered and unrhymed verse, the first line having one syllable, each succeeding line adding a syllable, with the total syllable count being fifty-five.

Marie’s Etheree:

Comprehensively Incomprehensible

Difference of opinion
Speaking a "different language"
Powerless to convey one’s intent
Complete collapse in communication

 Walt’s Etheree:


A man
standing guard.
Despite efforts
to be fair and firm,
sometimes he folds under
the pressure. Bright hazel eyes
flash their semaphore to signal
the next barrage to a Father's heart.
Daughters in tug of war for Dad's favor.

Monday, July 25, 2011

DISCUSSION: There's A Place For Us

It seems that POETIC BLOOMINGS has found a niche in this poetic world. We've claimed our place.

What is your place? Where do you write? What do you need at hand to perform well? Is there an inspiration nearby to entice your mastery? Is your writing place "portable" or stationary? Tell us about your place.


We have been thinking of a slogan or catch phrase for POETIC BLOOMINGS. Through my fascination with the Beatles, and John Lennon in particular, I tend to lean towards his thematic "Power to the People" for my inspiration. I'm liking, "Poem to the People"! What do you think? Do you have any ideas in this vein? Let us know.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I blame the heat.

Rants and raves abound on other "private" sites about poetry. Read private as "closed group" of poets who have become acquainted on certain sites to develop this craft we
propose. Where claimed as supportive and nurturing, there appears to be a bit less of that out there.

There is a certain process for which we all as poets strive. Developing and instructive, yes, supportive and sharing. We all want that I'm sure. And though finding success through recognition or possible publication is the end game, it should not over-ride the process.

The truth is, we are poetry sites. We are not truly a "garden", or a "street" or bloody brothel, although it's cute to think so simplistically. As our masthead says, "Poetic Bloomings is a blog to nurture the poetic spirit in a supportive and inspired way. All poets are welcome to add their "poetic blooms" ... bring the beauty of the written word to the world, one expressive bouquet at a time." And so we will remain.

We propose poetry. It was mentioned early on in the planning of this site for a POSSIBLE anthology if the support and commitment were there. There are no promises offered here. We are "Unconditional Poetry" in a pleasant setting without any one voice dominating the conversation. Every voice is important. HOWEVER, rancor and vitriol are not AND will not be tolerated here. There is an editorial policy in place here that has never needed to be used and I hope it remains so. As Marie Elena and I have stated, we are here to suport and promote you the poets who have chosen to post to the prompts at Poetic Bloomings or wish to follow their development.

All poets here know that as fact and I'm sure appreciate that. So if you need reminding, click the WELCOME and re-read our introduction. We're all gifted poets. That is our badge of honor. Enjoy the process. The payoff is the exposure to your and other poets finery.

ON A SOMEWHAT PERSONAL NOTE: Marie Elena is the most caring, nurturing and supportive person I've never met. But the friendship that has evolved from our association with poetry is very strong. That's all we've ever needed to say about it. You are all aware of her manner and temperament. So take any criticism of her here or at any other blogs with a BIG grain of salt. One of the finest human beings and poets I've ever had the honor to share not one, but two blogs with. And that loyalty extends to each poet here with the above idea in mind.

That being said, we welcome you to post to the Week #13 prompt for a Goal-oriented poem.

This Wednesday will offer In-Form Poet with a new poetry form highlighted.

Saturday, we present our "Beautiful Blooms" selections for the Goal Poems.

As always, a new "Seed" will be planted every Sunday. Poem to the People!